Self-Service Guide - SUP

Hello and welcome to discovering Hjälmaren from a Stand Up Paddle (SUP)!
This guide will help you get started before you set out to expand your horizons.

Read through general safety instructions and terms.

Move the SUP to the beach.

If there are two of you, carry one SUP at each end. If you are alone, use the handle in the middle of the board.

Collect your equipment.

Pick up a life jacket, paddle, and leash.

Life Jacket: The life jacket keeps you afloat if you accidentally fall into the water. 

Paddle: The paddle helps you move forward, backward, and turn.

Leash: The leash is a strap you attach to the end of the board. If you fall into the water, you will remain securely connected to the board.

Launch from the beach.

Attach the leash around your ankle, carry the paddle in one hand and the board in the other, and walk out until the water reaches your knees. Doing this avoids breaking the fin that extends 30 cm below the board. Start on your knees and paddle out, then carefully stand up and find your balance.

Now it's time to paddle!

Discover, explore, and enjoy! When your rental period is over, return your equipment, ensure everything is clean, and lock up. Have a great trip!

Safety instructions

Before launching he kayak, keep the following in mind: 

  • Solo paddling involves greater risks; bring a friend!
  • Inform someone you know that you are going out on the water and when you expect to be back on land.
  • Bring a warm change of clothes. 
  • Check that the hatch covers are closed.
  •  Listen to the weather report.- Dress according to the weather.

On the water

  • Use common sense – assess your skill and ability relative to the weather and distance. 
  • Always keep your life jacket on.
  • Ensure you are visible; wear bright clothing and use the equipment provided
  • Pay attention to the weather, your companions, and other traffic.
  • Avoid shipping lanes.