Rent a kayak for a day

Rent a kayak for a day - Our self-service service gives you the freedom to discover islands, cobs and skerries by your self.

You start your day with an introduction on land and in water to then be able to embark on a full day of adventure!

Discover some of our recommended places or explore on your own with a map and compass.


  • Basic instructions

  • Complete Kayak Equipment: kayak, life jacket, paddle, spraydeck, paddle float & bilge pump

For who?

This activity works well even for you who have not kayaked before.  We will go through safety and technology on land and in the water together.


Monday - Sunday 

Check in time:  09:30am

Check out time: 17:30pm  


Singel Kayak 650 SEK / person / Day

Doubble kayak 450 SEK / person / Day

Or join us for a guided tour Read more

Safety instructions

    Before launching the kayak, keep the following in mind:
  • That solo paddling involves greater risks, bring a friend!
  • Having a hot exchange with you, cooling down can cause hypothermia
  • To check that the tailgates are closed
  • Listen to the weather forcast
  • Dress your self after the weather 
  • Use common sense - make an assessment of your skill and ability in relation to the weather and the distance
  • Always keep your life jacket on when you are in the kayak
  • Make sure you are visible, wear visible clothing & the equipment you are assigned
  • Pay attention to the weather, the company and other boat traffic