The place


Within a 10 km radius from our starting point you will find several islands and unspoilt nature to explore, ranging from the more remote and wild to the inhabited or protected nature reserves.

Here are places to explore, a place for recreation, time for reflection, here is a place to spend time outdoors. Basically, never have to cross open water to reach your destination.

Regardless of previous experience, we always provide you with all the necessary safety equipment and also include a review before the tour so that you can feel safe and secure.

With you, you also get tips and recommendations on the itinerary as well as places to visit that you can take part of with the help of our created map for paddle routes.


Björkön Hjälmaren
Björkön Hjälmaren
Vinön Hjälmaren
Vinön Hjälmaren
Fåran  Hjälmaren
Fåran Hjälmaren