"We rented a 2 person kayak with camping equipment for 4 days (3 nights). Everything was included (except food and clothes of course) and the camping equipment was very new and in good condition. Jonne gave us a good introduction about where to go, safety on the water and some camping basics. The islands on the Hjalmarren lake are very beautiful and great to camp. You will be able to explore surroundings and feel one with nature. I would highly recommend this to those who want to have an outdoor/kayak experience, but don't have the equipment for it. " 

" If you want to experience kayaking in Örebro, I highly recommend this company. All tours start from Katrinelund and you end up directly on Storhjälmaren and do not have to take you through Hemfjärden with more fertile water. Out on Storhjälmaren, it is a completely different experience in terms of water, wildlife and nature. Nice and knowledgeable guide! "   

" Personable, knowledgeable and confidence instilling guide. Saw several beaver huts but no beavers, but that didn't matter. We learned a lot about them as well as what we were capable of. It got a bit windy and the waters got choppy but we managed really well. The most fun I've had in years. Felt empowered and alive...and a bit sore at the end.  "