A little about what we do today and how we contribute to a more sustainable society.

We respect nature and always leave it in the same condition - if not better! If we find things that do not belong in nature, we take it with us.

We create a social meeting place, a place where physical meetings take place between people, where ideas, knowledge and experiences are shared between people.

Our activities take place without fossil fuel, your energy and desire for adventure is the only fuel required!

We are passionate about experiences and discovering new places. Your local guide will be happy to share tips and guide you. Our vision is to create memorable experiences.

We collaborate mutually with local companies in the countryside and in Örebro's city center.

We want you to feel safe during your trip. We take safety seriously and give you a thorough introduction so you can enjoy it to the fullest. Your guide is a certified lifeguard for lake environments.

Tips on what you can do to contribute!

You can eat at the local restaurant in Katrinelund or buy your lunch bag at the local grocery store in Stora Mellösa.

You can live as you teach - Respect and always leave nature in the same condition as you found it - if not better! If you find something that does not belong in nature, you can always take it with you for recycling.

If there are several of you in the party who are going to visit us, we recommend that you ride together! If you are a closed group of 8 people who book an experience, we can help arrange transfers to and from Örebro.