With respect for the nature

The goal of protecting nature as a reserve or national park is to protect and nurture particularly valuable areas in the long term. The protection should simply ensure the possibility of great nature experiences - today and in the future.

Within the reserve, it is forbidden to:

  • Remove or otherwise damage living or dead, standing or fallen trees or shrubs

  • Damage the vegetation, for example, by digging up plants

  • Disrupt wildlife, for example, by climbing trees or staying in inhabited dens or pots

  • Bring an unconnected dog or cat

  • Make a fire other than in the designated place

  • Put up a tent other than in designated places

  • Dock by boat other than at designated places

  • Without Örebro municipality's permission, put up signs, orientation controls or similar devices, or build carved tracks

  • Without Örebro municipality's permission, use the area for organized competition or exercise, camp activities or similar

  • Without the manager's permission, remotely operated unmanned aircraft shall fly at an altitude of less than 120 meters above Mediterranean level.