Beaver Safari

A nature experience 

 When the sun slowly sets behind the treetops and the light is broken through the dense deciduous forest, it is time for you to paddle out on a beaver safari, because that is when the beaver is most active and dares to get out of its hut!

Before departure, you go through paddle technology and safety together with your guide. With you, you have your personal guide with very good local knowledge and a trained lifeguard at SLS.

Silently and carefully, you advance in the twilight towards the beaver huts. Since 2017, most diligent beavers in the area have been seen. The nature reserve in the nearby area and the untouched nature will be a refuge for many of the wild animals both on land, in water and in the air. Slowly, slowly you make your way through the varied vegetation to get as close as possible without disturbing. You also have the opportunity to see the magnificent sea eagle!

During the paddling there is silence and you only communicate with signs. During your safari, you stop at an island or headland to be served something good to drink along with a simple snack while your guide tells you about the beaver and the area's history.

The paddling is not physically strenuous, you paddle at a calm and quiet pace either solo in a stable single kayak or with a paddle partner in a double kayak.

Each kayak and participant is equipped with a life jacket, cockpit canopy, paddle, water bottle, bilge pump, float and waterproof bag.

Time may vary depending on the sun setting during the season.


  • Thorough review of safety & paddle technology on the water.
  • Complete Kayak Equipment: kayak, life jacket, paddle, spraydeck, paddle float & bilge pump
  • Guide and photographer
  • " Swedish fika " 

For who?

The tour is adapted for everyone, regardless of what previous experience you have of paddling. Together we go through safety and technology and then paddle at a calm and harmonious pace. As a participant, you must be able to swim at least 200 meters and the appropriate age is over 14 years. 

What to bring

Jacka mot regn och vind. Ett varmt ombyte och ett underställ för att ta med i den vattentäta säcken i händelse av regn eller för att ta på sig ifall att du blir frusen efter solnedgång. 

Minimum/ maximum partipicipant

2 - 5 

Private groups

For five people or more, we can open up a tour just for you, at a time we agree on.

Good to know

The winds and thus the waves can come quickly and we may need to stop paddling or correct the planned route at short notice. If we have to cancel, you get all the money back, but a little wind and a little rain does not matter!

We offer you the money back in case of cancellation. The cancellation must be made no later than 48 hours before the planned excursion. SEK 100 is received in administration fee.